Burglary – Johnson Road

There was a burglary on Johnson Road on Wednesday 15th May during the day between 9.30 a.m. and 4.15 p.m.

Entry was gained by smashing the patio door and an untidy search was made. Jewellery, cash, some boxed perfume and aftershave were stolen.

It seems that access to the rear garden was achieved by climbing over the rear fence that runs along the side of the footpath between Loughborough Road and Fielding Road.

If you were in the area at around those times and saw anything unusual or any one acting suspiciously please inform the Police by dialling 101 and quoting Crime Reference 19000248510, even if you think it trivial or unimportant.

If you garden or property backs on to a footpath or road, please make sure that gates and fences are secure and not easily climbed. This can be done by planting bushes, putting up trellis or fitting fence spikes,

Let us not make it easy for thieves!


Recent Burglaries

There have been two burglaries reported that occurred on 7th May.

Hallam Fields Road, near to the junction with Wheat Road between 11am and 3.30pm. Entry is believed to have been gained by putting something through the cat flap in order to get the keys (left in the back door) and using them to unlock the door. Cash and a games console were stolen.

Briargate Drive, about half way along the street between 8am on Monday morning and sometime Tuesday afternoon. An attempt was made to force the rear patio door but no entry was gained and nothing stolen.

If you were in these areas at the relevant times and saw anything that might help the Police, however small, please tell them by dialling 101.

Please remember to remove keys from the inside of locked doors to prevent thieves gaining easy access to them. It is a very common way of gaining entry.

Loteria Nacional Scam

Two people from Birstall visited Loughborough Police Station and reported that they had received letters informing them that they were in the Loteria Nacional.

They were asked to send details of their bank accounts in order to receive their winnings!  They suspected it was a scam and this was confirmed by the Police.

Just remember that you have to enter a raffle or lottery before you can win.

If it is the first you have heard of it, it is almost certainly a scam that you should ignore.




Recent Burglaries

The Police are appealing for witnesses or information.

There have been five burglaries or attempted burglaries around the village over the last week.

Entry has been gained by breaking the glass in rear ground floor door windows and then reaching in to use keys that have been left in the lock to gain access.

If you have seen or noticed anyone or anything suspicious in these areas please contact the police on 101 and quote the corresponding crime reference number given in square brackets[ ].


Saturday 17th November in Stonehill Avenue between 06:30 and 19:30 [18000557074].

Sunday 18th November in Highgate Avenue between 14:45 and 18:15 [18000558626].

Sunday 18th November in Fielding Road between 19:00 and 19:10 [18000560097]

Attempted Burglaries

Saturday 17th November in Gwendolin Avenue between 12:00 and 19:00 on Sunday 18th November. [18000558436]

Saturday 17th November in Myrtle Avenue between 14:00 and 14:30 on Monday 19th November [18000559878]

Please ensure when you go out or go to bed ensure that all keys are removed from the locks and placed in a secure place for easy access in case of an emergency.

Many thanks,

Birstall Neighbourhood Policing Team