Warning about a Courier Scam

The following warning has been received from Leicestershire Police:-

Leicestershire Police is issuing a warning to the public to be on their guard over a courier fraud scam.

Officers have received eleven reports since January 2015 where victims have received a telephone call from someone claiming to be a police officer or somone from their bank claiming that the victim’s bank account has been fraudulently accessed and that someone has been arrested for the offence.
There are many variations of the courier scam, but it usually follows this method:
  • A fraudster will cold call you on a landline, claiming to be from your bank or the police. They state their systems have spotted a fraudulent payment on your card or it is due to expire and needs to be replaced.
  • In order to reassure you that they are genuine, they suggest that you hang up and ring the bank/police back straight away. However, they don’t disconnect the call from the landline so that when you dial the real phone number, you are actually still speaking to the fraudster.
  • They then ask you to read out your PIN or type it on your phone keypad. They may ask for details of other accounts you hold with the bank or financial service provider.
  • Finally, they send a courier or taxi to you to collect your bank card. The fraudster will have then obtained your name, address, full bank details, card and PIN.
These fraudsters sound very plausible and are skilled at tricking people into handing over their cards.
Please let any elderly or vulnerable family members, friends, or neighbours know about the scam.  Remember, your bank will never attend your home; and neither the bank nor the police will ever collect your bank card or ask for your PIN.
If you have been a victim or have any information in relation to this scam, call Leicestershire Police on 101. Victims can also contact Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040 for more information.

Appeal to trace occupants of van after firearms incident in Birstall.

The following appeal was issued by the police at 2.50pm on 23rd April:-

Crime number: NL/02255/15-4

Officers carrying out further enquiries into a firearms incident in Birstall on Tuesday (21 April) are appealing for the occupants of a van seen in the area to come forward.

Police were called to Barn Meadow Road in Birstall at about 7.26am on Tuesday 21 April following a report of a man being seen, with what was believed to be a firearm, chasing another man.

In the interests of officers and public safety the armed response team were deployed to the incident.

The victim was subsequently traced and had sustained minor injuries, which didn’t require medical treatment.

Detective 4269 Kim Potter is investigating the incident, she said: “This was an isolated incident and we believe that the victim was specifically targeted. From enquiries we’ve conducted locally we believe there was a van parked close to where the assault took place and the vehicle drove off during the incident.

“We would like to trace the occupants of that van as they may be able to assist us with our enquiries. If this was you then please get in touch. We would also like to speak to anyone else who may have witnessed the incident or have heard rumours locally about who may be responsible.”

Anyone with information in relation to any appeals featured on this site is asked to contact the relevant officer on 101, follow the instructions to leave a message and when prompted, key in the officer’s identification number.

Alternatively, call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111. No personal details will be taken, information is not traced or recorded and you will not go to court.

Calls to 101 cost 15p for the entire call from both mobile ‘phones and land lines. Please note some mobile phone service providers may charge for calls to Crimestoppers.

Car Break-ins – Arrests

Following further incidents of cars being broken into, two males were arrested in the early hours of Tuesday 24th March.  They have been charged in relation to a number of thefts from motor vehicles.

Residents are again reminded to remove all items of value from vehicles when leaving it parked and being extra careful about making sure that windows are closed and the vehicle is locked.  Please be particularly careful about locking vehicles that have a ‘keyless’ electronic system and making sure that the ‘keys’ are kept away from the vehicle when locked.

Please report any suspicious activity around parked vehicles by dialling 101.

(Information from local beat officer)

Thefts from Motor Vehicles

There has been eleven incidents of theft from motor vehicles in the last few days, mostly during Thursday night/Friday morning of last week.  These have taken place in all parts of the village:-

Hallam Fields Road  (2)

Wanlip Lane (1)

Fielding Road (2)

Curzon Avenue (3)

Greengate Lane (1)

Kilby Avenue (1)

Holt Road (1)

Two of the incidents involved ‘soft top’ cars where the roof had been cut.

All residents are reminded to remove all items of value from vehicles when parked and make sure that the vehicle is left secure.

(Information from local beat officer)

Burglary – Castlegate Avenue

Between 8.55pm on Monday 16th and 7.00am on Tuesday 17th March, a property on Castlegate Avenue (close to Ambergate Drive) was broken into.  Entry was gained by forcing a rear patio door and cash, jewellery and a number of scratch cards were stolen.

Were you in this area around these times, did you see or hear anything suspicious ?  Please report any information by dialling 101 the police non-emergency number.

(Information from local beat officer)

Burglary – Kilby Avenue

Between 9.30am on Thursday 26th February and 6.45pm on Monday 2nd March a property on Kilby Avenue (middle part) was broken into.  Access was gained by forcing a rear kitchen window and a quantity of jewellery was stolen.

Were you in this area around these times, did you see or hear anything suspicious ?  Please report any information by dialling 101 the police non-emergency number.

(Information from local beat officer)

Front Gates Stolen

A member has reported that their gates were stolen from their front drive a few days ago. The theft has been reported to the Police.

Unfortunately, theft of this kind is not uncommon and you are reminded to take care of items that are easily accessible from the road.

Secure them in such a way that they cannot be simply picked up and thrown on the back of a lorry and do not leave items at the front of your house if you can move them behind a locked gate.

Burglary – Loughborough Road

Between 8.00pm on Wednesday 25th and 11.00am on Thursday 26th February, a property on Loughborough Road (opposite Tempest Road) was broken into.  The property is currently being renovated and a tool from the site was used to force a rear door.  Amongst the items stolen were power tools, a red coloured Honda lawn mower and a large Samsung TV.

The property could have been approached from Loughborough Road or from Roman Road at the rear.

Were you in this area around these times, did you see or hear anything suspicious ?  Please report any information by dialling 101 the police non-emergency number.

(Information from local beat officer)

Telephone Call Scam – Your Bank

We have received the following message from ACTION FRAUD the national organisation to combat fraud :-

Fraudsters are targeting people by “cold calling” them on the telephone.

The scam starts with the following simple activity:

1. They will state that they are from the Bank Fraud department, the Police or other Law Enforcement.

2. They will tell the victim that fraud is being carried out on the victim’s bank account and that to prevent it they need to carry out any of the below activities:-

  • Need to access your bank accounts online.
  • Need to hand over your pin numbers and bank cards to a courier/official sent to collect them. 
  • Need to hand over money to A courier/ official sent to collect them. 
  • Need to transfer your money to another “safe” bank account(s) which they provide details of.

3. In order to prove their own credentials they will often ask you to telephone the “fraud” number you may have on the back of your bank card, or they may even ask you to telephone the Police to check that there is an official investigation, or telephone your own bank once the phone call to them is terminated.

Do not be fooled!

Do not telephone anyone at that stage as the phone line remains open and you are simply telephoning them back without realising. They will then continue with your assistance in stealing your money by any of the above methods.


  • The bank or the police will never telephone you “out of the blue” to ask you to transfer money into another account or hand over any of your money or bank cards. It is your money!!
  • The bank or the police will never ask for your personal bank account details, or pin numbers over the phone.
  • If you really want to check the credentials of a caller then go into your bank and ask to speak to the bank manager or use another phone to call the bank or police.
  • If you are still unsure then attend a police station.
  • Never discuss your banking details with strangers who call you!

Burglary – Holt Road

On Monday 2nd February between 7.10am and 9.00pm a house in the middle section of Holt Road was broken into.  Entry was gained by smashing a rear patio door and jewellery was taken.

Were you in this area during this time, did you see or hear anything suspicious ?  Please report any information by dialling 101 the police non-emergency number.

Crime ref:-  LC/00496/15-3

(Information from local beat officers)