Scam Phone Calls

Members have reported a surge in scam phone calls intended to panic recipients into paying debts they do not owe. The details vary but they all have the same message that threatens serious legal consequences if action is not taken at once.

It is very unlikely that you have any debts that you do not already know about. If you get one of these calls and are uncertain or worried, seek advice from relatives or friends before you do anything.


Beat Surgery 19th May

The Beat Team has advised us that because of operational requirements, there will be no Police Officer present at our Advice Shop on Saturday 19th May.

The next Beat Surgery will, therefore, be on Wednesday, 30th May between 2 p.m. and 3 p.m. at the Coop on Wanlip Lane.

The Advice Shop will be open as usual next Saturday.

Burglary on Loughborough Road

A house-burglary in Birstall was reported to the Police on 8th May.

It occurred on Loughborough Road (opposite the School Lane junction) probably overnight from the previous day. Two suspicious men were seen hanging around near the house and the break-in was discovered next morning.

The thieves got in by smashing the glass in the back door. It is not clear at this time what was stolen.

If you were in the area around this time and saw anything suspicious, however trivial it may seem to you, please tell the Police to help them build the bigger picture.

Please report any information by dialling 101 –  the police non-emergency number.

Recent Scam – Warning

We have received the following message from the local Beat Team and been asked to circulate the information:-

On 19 April, at least two elderly Charnwood residents were contacted by criminals who claimed to be police officers and asked them to withdraw large amounts of money from their bank accounts. In one of these cases the victim followed the instructions and handed over a large amount of money to the criminals.

We would urge local residents to be wary of such scams. The police and other agencies will never telephone and ask you to withdraw or transfer money from your bank. If you receive an unsolicited call from the police, gas board, bank or any other agency then take their name and contact details then telephone their organisation or company. Please be wary though, these criminals can make it sound as if you have disconnected the call and phoned a different number when in fact you are still on the line to them. Use a different phone (mobile phone or neighbour’s) and ring their main switchboard (from Yellow Pages or a utility bill), not the number that the person ringing gives you. If in doubt, telephone the police.

For any residents with elderly relatives or neighbours, please be aware of this scam and keep an eye on your relatives or neighbours – these criminals are very convincing.

Burglary – Woodgate Drive

Between Saturday 31st March and Monday 9th April, a house on Woodgate Drive (close to the junction with Queensgate Drive) was broken into.  Entry was by smashing the glass in a side door and items of jewellery were stolen.

Were you in this area during these times, did you see or hear anything suspicious ?  Please report any information by dialling 101 the police non-emergency number.

(Information from local beat officer)