Block Paving Cleaning

We have been informed about a gang of men in the area who are Cold Calling and doing block paving cleaning.  They seem to target elderly residents and can be very intimidating.  People have ended up having extra work done and have been charged a lot more than they thought it would be.

If you are approached by any Cold Callers and feel intimidated or under pressure to have work done, be firm with them and call the police by dialling 101.  The police will be only to pleased to check these people out and know who is in the area.

(Information from local beat officers)

Charnwood LPU Commander Year End Update

Issued on 7/4/14 at 12:08 p.m.

The past 12 months have been challenging for us, due to the changes to the policing model for the Response and Safer Neighbourhood Teams.

As with any change, we have had to adapt and revise the way in which we work in order ensure that our resources are used more efficiently than in the past. This is to prepare us for the challenges that we will have to face from further cuts of £20million by 2016.

Evidence based policing, using new and innovative approaches to intelligence and tasking, has helped to make us more efficient.

Crime Results (year-on-year comparison)

I am pleased to announce that we have been able to reduce residential Burglaries by 14%.

We have also been able to reduce overall crime for the second year running and we have achieved a further reduction of a 2% in all recorded crime. This is a total of 11% reduction in two years.

We have reduced theft from vehicles by 4%.

Burglary and vehicle crime account for a third of all the reported crime in Charnwood, therefore reducing both of these will continue to be a priority for me in the new financial year.

Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB)

Although I expect to see a slight increase in reported incidents this year compared to last, over the last five years we have seen a reduction in reported ASB by 49% from 3,177 incidents in 2008/09 to around 1,621 for this year. Part of this success has been the improvements to case management of ASB, a formal tiered approach to tackling ASB offenders and working closely with partners who have issued over 900 formal interventions to people who have been involved in ASB.

This year we will be focusing on improving the confidence of ASB victims in the service they receive, which currently stands at 78% of victims satisfied with the service. We aim to achieve a satisfaction rate of 85%.

Improving officer time on the beat

I am very pleased to announce that our PCSO team are some of the most visible in the Force and spend 70% of their time working in the heart of the community. This enables warranted officers to spend more time using their powers to investigate crime, arrest and bring offenders to justice. Officers on my Safer Neighbourhood Teams are still able to spend 50% of their time out of the station patrolling the beat.

This year I would like to retain this excellent record and improve visibility in my officers to 55% and retain 70% visibility for my PCSO’s.

Under my leadership your Safer Neighbourhood Team will continue to:

  • Tackle those that cause the most harm in communities,
  • Support victims and witnesses,
  • Make the community safer,
  • Protect the vulnerable.

Inspector Paul Harrison Temporary LPU Commander for Charnwood Local Policing Unit

Burglary – Ashmead Crescent

Between 9.25 on Thursday 20th March and 13.15 on Monday 24th March, a house in Ashmead Crescent (close to the junction with Worcester Avenue) was broken into.  Access was gained by breaking a panel in the kitchen door.  It is not known what items were taken.

Were you in this area around this time, did you see or hear anything suspicious ?  Please report any information by dialling 101 the Leicestershire Police non-emergency number.

Crime ref:-   LC/01203/14-9

(Information from local beat officers)

Man convicted for drug and burglary offences.

Issued on 24/3/14 at 2:12 p.m.

Man convicted following drug and burglary offences

Steven Alan Teal (33) of Elizabeth Court, Wigston, was sentenced on Wednesday March 19, at Leicester Magistrates’ Court.

He was convicted for possession of mephadrone (MCAT); a quantity of the drug was forfeited under Section 27 of the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971 and destroyed, and two burglaries which took place at a newsagent and a card shop on Sibson Road, Birstall, on Tuesday March 18.

The total sentence handed to Teal was 44 weeks imprisonment.

Also taken into consideration by the court were a further four burglaries that took place at premises in Wigston. Two of the incidents took place on February 22 and 23, on Leicester Road, Wigston. The other two occurred on March 15 and 16, on Blaby Road, Wigston.

(Copied from Leicestershire Police website)

Burglary suspect arrested.

In the early hours of Tuesday 18th March a resident on Sibson Road, alerted by an alarm going, saw a male on the roof of the shops on Sibson Road and telephoned the police.

On arrival, the police located and detained the male and following a search of the area items were located which linked him to other buglaries in the area.  He was then arrested and taken into custody.

It is thanks to the quick thinking and actions of the local resident that this male was caught and arrested.

(Information from local beat officers)

Burglary – Whiles Lane.

Between 9.30 on Friday 14th March and 12.15 on Sunday 16th March a house in Whiles Lane (middle part) was broken into.  Entry was gained through breaking the doors to a rear conservatory.  It is not at present known what property was taken.

Were you in this area around this time, did you see or hear anything suspicious ?  Please report any information by dialling 101 the police non-emergency number.

Crime Ref:-   LC/01090/14-2              Officer in charge:-  DC 2205 Briance

(Information from local beat officers)

Suspicious males.

Incidents of thefts from vehicles have again occurred in recent days.  The police are particularly concerned about two suspicious males seen around the village recently.

These two are white males aged between 20 and 30 years and are usually riding pedal cycles, one of which is Red and Silver in colour.  They usually wear hooded tops.

Please report any sightings of these two in any suspicious circumstances by dialling 101, the police non-emergency number or by dialling 999 if a crime is being committed at that time.

(Information from local beat officers).

Thefts From Motor Vehicles.

The following message has been received today from our beat officers:-

In the last few days there have been four thefts from motor vehicles in the village.  (Harrowgate Drive, Blenheim Road, Hermitage Road and Worcester Avenue).  In three out of the four incidents the doors and/or windows had been left insecure.

Would residents make sure that their vehicles are secure when leaving them, especially overnight when these incidents occurred.

Suspicious Males – Ambergate Drive.

On Friday 18th January at between 11.30am and 12.00noon, two suspicious males visited a house on Ambergate Drive in Birstall.  Both were white aged 20-30years wearing jeans and tops.  One had brown hair and the other black curly hair.  They called on an elderly couple claiming to be tree surgeons and wanted to quote for cutting trees down in the back garden.  They were let into the garden via a side gate and then commenced the ‘hard sell’ that it must be done today etc.  When the couple’s son appeared and requested some details they made a hasty exit.  The men were travelling in a large plain grey coloured van.

It is suspected that these men were targeting elderly residents and that there is a potential risk of distraction burglaries.  The area was searched but no trace of the men was found.  If you saw ( or see ) these men in the area and have any suspicions, please report it by dialling 101 the police non-emergency number.

Incident No   241/17/01/2014

(Information from local beat officers)

Doorstep Sales of Mattresses.

The following message has been received today from Leicestershire Neighbourhood Watch:-
Leicestershire Trading Standards is currently investigating a number of complaints relating to doorstep sales of mattresses.
We have received complaints from vulnerable consumers in Narborough, Burbage and Thurlaston. Some of the consumers were cold called by telephone first, or were cold called at home by a sales rep and pressurised into buying mattresses for between £200 – £400.  Payment appears to be always be cheque/card rather than cash.
We have a number of concerns about the way in which these mattresses are described and being sold. We will also be getting one tested to check for the safety requirements.
Trading Standards always advises residents not to purchase good from ‘cold callers’. If you receive any reports of similar activity please contact Trading Standards on 0845 404 05 06 or use