Charnwood LPU Commander Year End Update

Issued on 7/4/14 at 12:08 p.m.

The past 12 months have been challenging for us, due to the changes to the policing model for the Response and Safer Neighbourhood Teams.

As with any change, we have had to adapt and revise the way in which we work in order ensure that our resources are used more efficiently than in the past. This is to prepare us for the challenges that we will have to face from further cuts of £20million by 2016.

Evidence based policing, using new and innovative approaches to intelligence and tasking, has helped to make us more efficient.

Crime Results (year-on-year comparison)

I am pleased to announce that we have been able to reduce residential Burglaries by 14%.

We have also been able to reduce overall crime for the second year running and we have achieved a further reduction of a 2% in all recorded crime. This is a total of 11% reduction in two years.

We have reduced theft from vehicles by 4%.

Burglary and vehicle crime account for a third of all the reported crime in Charnwood, therefore reducing both of these will continue to be a priority for me in the new financial year.

Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB)

Although I expect to see a slight increase in reported incidents this year compared to last, over the last five years we have seen a reduction in reported ASB by 49% from 3,177 incidents in 2008/09 to around 1,621 for this year. Part of this success has been the improvements to case management of ASB, a formal tiered approach to tackling ASB offenders and working closely with partners who have issued over 900 formal interventions to people who have been involved in ASB.

This year we will be focusing on improving the confidence of ASB victims in the service they receive, which currently stands at 78% of victims satisfied with the service. We aim to achieve a satisfaction rate of 85%.

Improving officer time on the beat

I am very pleased to announce that our PCSO team are some of the most visible in the Force and spend 70% of their time working in the heart of the community. This enables warranted officers to spend more time using their powers to investigate crime, arrest and bring offenders to justice. Officers on my Safer Neighbourhood Teams are still able to spend 50% of their time out of the station patrolling the beat.

This year I would like to retain this excellent record and improve visibility in my officers to 55% and retain 70% visibility for my PCSO’s.

Under my leadership your Safer Neighbourhood Team will continue to:

  • Tackle those that cause the most harm in communities,
  • Support victims and witnesses,
  • Make the community safer,
  • Protect the vulnerable.

Inspector Paul Harrison Temporary LPU Commander for Charnwood Local Policing Unit