Recent Burglaries

1)   At approximately 9.40pm on Monday 13th October, a house on Wanlip Lane ( between Orchard Road and Lambourne Road ) was broken into.  Entry was by smashing a window in the rear door whilst the occupants were in the house.  No property was stolen.  One of the suspects is descibed as a white male aged 40-50 years old.  The suspects are believed to have left the property by going over a rear fence which means they would have come out into Bramley Road.  A small black car was also seen in the area and may have been involved.

2)   Overnight between 11.00pm on Wednesday 8th and 8.00am on Thursday 9th October a house on Church Road, Wanlip was entered via an insecure rear door.  Approximately £100 in Norwegian currency (Krona ?) was stolen.

Were you in either of these areas around these times, did you see or hear anything suspicious ?  Please report any information by dialling 101 the police non-emergency number.

(Information from local beat officers)