More Burglaries

Following the previous posting about the burglary in Goscote Hall Road, we have learned of two more burglaries in the same area during the same period – the early hours of Monday, 6th July.

They occurred on Johnson Road and on Loughborough Road, near to Station Road.

Entry in both cases was through ground floor windows that had possibly been left unsecured because of the warm weather.

Please make sure that all windows, especially those on the ground floor, are secured at bed time or when you go out, even for just a short time. Remove keys from door locks and put them in a place that is easily accessible from inside, in case of emergency, but not from the outside. Good window locks can be very effective in preventing windows being forced.

If you noticed anything suspicious in this area at the time please tell the Police by dialling 101.

Information from our local Beat Team.