Strange Incident

A lady visiting a friend in Saltersgate Drive parked her car outside the house. When she got in it to drive off a group of youths about 10-11 years old stood by her vehicle and one knocked on the window to tell her that her front number plate was hanging off. She said that there was not a lot she could do about it then and that she would not know what to do, in any case. She told them that she would get her husband to look at it when she got home and drove off.

On arriving home she checked both number plates and they were fine. She thought it odd so called her friend who alerted the Police in case they try to do it again. There is concern about what might have happened if she had got out to check. They might well have stolen something from the car or even the car itself.

While no actual offence was committed on that occasion, it was obviously a ploy to persuade her to get out of the car. Please take care and report any similar incidents to the Police on 101.

Information from the local Beat Team