Vehicle Break-ins

Overnight on Sunday/Monday 13th/14th November, a total of 20 vehicles were broken into in Birstall:-

Curzon Avenue (4), Cedar Avenue (3), Wanlip Lane (3), Fielding Road (2), Lodgewood Avenue (1), Oakfield Avenue (1), Loughborough Road (1), Laxton Close (1), Lambourne Road (1), Cliffwood Avenue (1), Blenhiem Road (1) and Orchard Road (1).

In the majority of cases it appears that the vehicles were possibly left unlocked as CCTV footage taken from two of them shows the suspects walking down the street and trying car door handles until they find one which is insecure.  Unfortunately the footage is not good enough for facial images etc, however some follow up enquiries are being made with regards to some stolen property that was taken from one of the cars.  Additional police patrols are being carried out in the village and work is being done to see if there is any link between the lights being switched off and the rise in thefts from vehicles, so that an argument can be put forward to getting them switched on again.

If anyone saw anything suspicious, or has any further CCTV images of these incidents, please report it by dialling 101 the police non-emergency number.

(Information from local beat officer)

General advice.

Leave it on show expect it to go !  Always remove valuables from your vehicle.

Remove sat nav’s including support cradle and cables.

Don’t leave tools in vans overnight.

Make sure that doors are locked, windows are closed and keys are removed when you leave your vehicle, even if it’s for only a moment.

On icy morning, never leave your vehicle unattended with the engine running.

Park your vehicle in a well-lit spot that is visible to others, or covered by CCTV.

If you have a garage, use it.  Always lock your vehicle and garage.