Attempted Garage Break-in

At approximately 12.45 am on Monday 18th September, a man was disturbed while trying to break into a locked garage at a house on Greengate Lane.  An automatic security light came on and attracted the attention of a neighbour who then shouted at him.  The man, described as ‘Burly’, eventually walked away in no apparent hurry.

This incident was reported to the police at the time, but it is  not known if any other properties in the area were similarly attacked.  Please check your property and report any incidents by dialling 101, the police non-emergency number.

It is essential to make sure that all sheds/garages and side access gates are securely locked when not in use and especially overnight.  With the onset of darker evenings, it would be a good time to check and review all such locks and any security lighting etc.

(Information from local Neighbourhood Watch coordinator)