Suspicious doorstep callers.

The following message has been received today from local PCSO Charlotte White:-

There was a report made today relating to 2 x white males approaching a resident just off Wanlip Lane. The caller states that the males were claiming they were from National Grid and were asking if they could enter her property to check the gas meter. The caller asked the males for ID in which they stated that they “didn’t have any” on them. The caller thankfully refused them entry and subsequently phoned the Police to notify us.


There wasn’t much of a description of the males, but they were in their 30-40s, brown hair, wearing dark coloured clothing – one had a brown gilet on. They were not in any kind of work/company uniform.

There was no vehicle sighted by the caller, but this doesn’t mean it wasn’t parked on another street.


I do know that the National Grid have posted leaflets in the area regarding some work they are doing in a week or so, and this is what the male’s stated they were here for… National Grid have been notified of this incident and they assured the caller that ID would’ve been shown if it was one of their employee’s. 

I just wanted you to be aware of this, in case anything similar happens.