Good News – Burglar Arrested.

The following message was received from our local beat officer PC Des Hearnshaw today:-

I have some great news for you all.

The male I arrested last month for burglary on Beechfield Avenue in Birstall was arrested again this week.

This time we were able to charge him for a burglary in Birstall that recently occurred on Oakfield Avenue.

We remanded him to Court and they also deemed him a threat and so remanded him into custody until the case is ready to be heard at Crown Court.

Birstall can now sleep safer at night.

 This is great news as I believe this male was responsible for several further burglaries in Birstall and the surrounding areas.

This is one of my main targets down, so onto the next!

 Many thanks to all those that helped us catch this “suspected” prolific burglar.