Proposed Wanlip Bypass.

The following is the text of a letter that the Watch has sent to Charnwood Borough Council regarding the proposed ‘Wanlip Bypass and New Link Road’ :-


Plans, Policies and Place-Making                                         20th June 2013
Charnwood Borough Council
Southfields Road
LE11 2TN

 Dear Charnwood Borough Council,

Charnwood Local Plan 2006 to 2028 – Policy CS 20

Proposal for a new link road from the new roundabout on the A6 to the Wanlip junction to the south east and a Wanlip bypass to Rectory Road

I am writing on behalf of the Birstall and Wanlip Neighbourhood Watch to formally register our opposition to the proposal for a new road that is clearly designed to divert traffic from the A6 on to a new route under the A46 past Wanlip.

The route from that point can only be through Birstall via Wanlip Lane to the Birstall Triangle and then on to Birstall Road or Sibson Road. Both of these routes take the traffic back on to the A6.

Wanlip Lane is a residential road that passes two schools, a day nursery and a zebra crossing that is controlled by a patrol twice each school day. There are already congestion problems with parents parking to deliver and collect children, even with the current traffic-flow.

The Birstall Triangle is a busy pedestrian and shopping area and close to the primary school.

Birstall Road is residential and has a sharp bend that has seen a number of serious accidents in the past, mainly due to speeding traffic.

Wanlip Lane and Birstall Road are subject to a 7.5t weight restriction and traffic-calming measures installed by the County Council, that include pinch-points and ramps to impede speed and traffic flow. Sibson Road is also subject to this weight limit.

These measures have been designed to deter traffic from using this route through the villages of Birstall and Wanlip as a ‘rat-run’ alternative to the main A6 Loughborough Road.

This proposal is completely contrary to this established thinking and is designed to encourage the use of this route as an alternative to the A6.

It would increase traffic-flow through the village by a considerable amount and put pedestrians at additional risk, especially children on their way to and from school.

The traffic would be diverted for only a few miles but would then re-join its original route into Leicester.

Some traffic might join the ring road at Red Hill Circle but most would use the faster routes both east and west provided by the A46 north of the villages.

We wish to formally register our opposition to this proposal:

  • that goes completely against the established traffic-calming principles;
  • that would increase the risk of accidents in residential and school areas;
  • and that would, in any case, do little to reduce congestion on the route to and from Leicester.

We request that the Council removes this ill-thought-out proposal from the Local Plan.

Yours sincerely,


Ed Chambers

Committee Secretary