Beat News June 2017

Crime Summary June 2017

(May figures in brackets)

    Assault 5 (2)
    Burglary of dwelling 4 (4)
    Burglary (other than dwelling) 5 (2)
    Damage 4 (8)
    Damage to motor vehicle 17 (8)
    Drug offences 0 (0)
    Fraud 0 (0)
    Public Order offences 2 (0)
    Robbery 1 (2)
    Sexual offences 0 (1)
    Theft 11 (11)
    Theft of cycle 1 (0)
    Theft from motor vehicle 18 (25)
    Theft of motor vehicle 2 (1)
    Total 70 (64)

Crime update
Reported crime in June has unfortunately remained higher than average with a total of seventy crimes being reported during the month. We have continued to have problems with cars being broken into, with a total of 18 thefts from vehicles being reported and we have also suffered with vehicles being damaged, of which we have had a total of seventeen reported. The majority of the damage incidents occurred on the weekend of the 17th and 18th and then again on the weekend of the 24th and 25th in the areas around Sibson Road, Gwendolin Avenue, Acacia Avenue and Wanlip Lane. We believe that a group of youths, some local and some from outside Birstall were responsible for these mindless acts and we are currently following up a number of lines of enquiry, including speaking with any witnesses and checking CCTV to see what evidence we have against them. We know that people are understandably angry about these crimes and so if you have any information in relation to these incidents, please contact us on 101.

As stated above, thefts from vehicles also remains high and earlier in the month we did have a male arrested in relation to a spate on the Hallam Fields Estate. Unfortunately, due to the fact no one was able to positively identify him as being the male responsible we had no option but to release him without charge. The message remains however to continue to lock your car when it is unattended and to remove anything of value from it.

For further crime information please visit:
Crime Prevention Advice
During June we had a ‘distraction burglary’ reported, where a resident was distracted by a male at the front door, whilst two further males went in via the insecure back door and stole property. Thankfully this kind of crime is rare but it is extremely distressing and often leaves people feeling foolish and vulnerable. These criminals will often say they are from the ‘Water Board’ or ‘Electricity Company’ and may show ID, which is false. If you have such a caller, always put the chain on and then make sure that any back doors and windows are secure before you go back and speak to them. Never let them in and if you are at all concerned that they may not be genuine, shut the door and call 101 immediately to report the incident.
Neighbourhood update
As I am writing this report the new barrier on Sibson Road car park is being installed. We are very grateful to the Parish Council for agreeing to install this and are hopeful that it will reduce the Anti-Social behaviour that we have been having in relation to noisy vehicles on the car park at night. We are aware that we are also having issues with vehicles racing round the Hallam Fields Industrial Estate in the evenings and we are now working to try and resolve this issue, including both high-visibility and plain clothed patrols in the area and issuing warnings to any drivers we find engaging in Anti-Social Behaviour. We are also speaking with Jelson’s who own the land, to see what assistance they can offer to help solve this problem.
Meet your local police team; 
Kingsgate Ave shops. Monday 4th July (1pm – 2pm)
Co-op, Wanlip Lane. Thursday 13th July (3pm – 4pm)
Sibson Road Beat Office. Saturday 15th July (10am -12pm)
Tesco, Sibson Road. Monday 24th July (5pm – 6pm)

PC 1759 Dave Jaeckels