Beat News July 2017


Crime Summary July 2017

(June figures in brackets)

    Assault 5 (5)
    Burglary of dwelling 11 (4)
    Burglary (other than dwelling) 3 (5)
    Damage 3 (4)
    Damage to motor vehicle 0 (17)
    Drug offences 0 (0)
    Fraud 0 (0)
    Public Order offences 2 (2)
    Robbery 0 (1)
    Sexual offences 0 (0)
    Theft 18 (11)
    Theft of cycle 0 (1)
    Theft from motor vehicle 12 (18)
    Theft of motor vehicle 0 (2)
    Total 54 (70)

Crime update
Reported crime for July has fallen slightly, with 54 crimes being reported compared to 70 in June. Thankfully we haven’t had any more vehicles damaged this month, however the number of thefts from vehicles has remained quite high, with 12 more being reported. We have also had 11 burglaries, however I am pleased to report that a female has been charged with 5 of these, all of which occurred on the 17th July. She has been remanded in custody whilst she awaits trial.
As stated above, we haven’t had any more vehicles damaged in July which is obviously good news. As a result of all the incidents of vehicle damage last month the Beat team have conducted extensive investigations, including house to house enquiries and CCTV checks. We have also visited all of the youths who we know to have been out that night to speak to them about their involvement in the incidents. At this time we have unfortunately not been able to prosecute any of them in relation to the offences, however we are continuing to look into these incidents and if we are able to bring any charges against any of them we will do.
The vast majority of the other crimes reported in July are ‘drive-off’s’ from the Petrol Station, of which we have had a total of 8. These are often committed by people who first steal number plates and then attach them to their own car prior to filling up and driving away without paying for the fuel. Please consider fitting anti-theft screws to your own number plate to make it more difficult for the criminals to do this and avoid it happening to you.
For further crime information please visit:

Crime Prevention Advice
During the summer months we often see a rise in the number of thefts from garages and sheds. Criminals will target these as they are often easy to get into and they also provide a ready supply of tools and implements that can then be used to break into the main house. To make your shed/garage more secure, follow these simple ideas:
1) Use substantial hasps, staples and padlocks at the top and bottom of wooden doors.
2) Install internal wire mesh grilles behind windows to act as a visual deterrent.
3) Secure expensive tools and ladders with a substantial chain and padlock.
4) Secure ‘side’ garage doors with a good quality 5-lever British standard mortice lock.
5) Mark expensive tools with your house number and postcode as this makes them less attractive to thieves.

Neighbourhood update
The new barrier on the Sibson Road car park has now been installed and this appears to have reduced the number of issues in this area with cars parking up at night. We are still having some problems with noisy vehicles round the village including the Coop car park and the Hallam Fields Industrial estate and we are continuing to work with the relevant people to solve these issues.

Meet your local police team
Tesco, Sibson Road. Weds 2nd August (4pm – 5pm) and
Tues 26th Sept (2.30pm – 3.30pm).
Kingsgate Ave shops. Monday 7th August (12pm – 1pm) and
Friday 22nd Sept (2pm – 3pm).
Coop, Wanlip Lane Friday 11th August (3pm – 4pm) and
Thurs 14th Sept (2.30pm-3.30pm).
Sibson Road Beat Office. Saturday 19th August and
Saturday 16th Sept (both 10am – 12pm)

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