Beat News August 2017


Crime Summary August 2017

(July figures in brackets)

    Assault 6 (5)
    Burglary of dwelling 3 (11)
    Burglary (other than dwelling) 3 (3)
    Damage 5 (3)
    Damage to motor vehicle 7 (0)
    Drug offences 1 (0)
    Fraud 0 (0)
    Public Order offences 1 (2)
    Robbery 1 (0)
    Sexual offences 1 (0)
    Theft 9 (18)
    Theft of cycle 0 (0)
    Theft from motor vehicle 11 (12)
    Theft of motor vehicle 0 (0)
    Total 48 (54)

Crime update
We had a total of forty-eight crimes reported during August, which is slightly down compared to July. Thefts from vehicles continues to be the main issue with another eleven reported this month. The beat team review every vehicle theft reported, ensuring we check any CCTV and complete house to house enquiries to try and identify any offenders. We have also been issuing ‘rear view mirror hangars’ around the village which can be hung in your vehicle to try and deter thieves from breaking into them. If you are issued with one of these, please use it as the success of the scheme depends on the message being spread as widely as possible.
We have had three house burglaries reported this month and three ‘non-dwelling’ burglaries. One of these occurred on Wanlip Lane when a shop was broken into during the early hours with a large quantity of cigarettes being stolen. Some suspects have been identified in relation to this incident and it is believed they have been involved in a number of break-ins around the County, so we are hopeful that there will be sufficient evidence to prosecute them in relation to some, if not all of the offences. The vast majority of the other reported crimes this month are shop thefts (5 in total) and reports of vehicles being damaged (of which we have had 7).
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Crime Prevention Advice
There have been several media reports recently about crimes being committed by people riding mopeds, who pull up alongside their victims and snatch mobile phones andbags before riding off at speed. The riders will almost certainly be wearing helmets, which makes them impossible to identify and quite often the bikes are displaying stolen or false registration plates. Thankfully this appears to mainly be happening in big cities and we have not had any reports here in Birstall, however this is not to say that we won’t have any. To avoid becoming a victim, always be aware of your surroundings and if you are using your phone and you hear a moped or motorbike approaching consider taking the phone away from your ear momentarily so that it is less easy to snatch. Also, if possible it is worth considering wearing bags ‘across the body’ as opposed to just ‘over the shoulder’ as this again makes them harder to steal.

Neighbourhood update
We have created a new ‘Beat Priority’ looking at the issues with noisy vehicles as despite a lot of work around this issue in recent months the problem appears to be continuing.
We’ve also had a number of complaints recently about dogs being off leads, being aggressive and attacking other dogs and cats. Please remember that you are responsible for keeping your dog under control at all times and they must be kept on leads whilst on the parks. Full details are available on the Parish Council website, which also contains a link to Charnwood Borough Council:
You can also report dog control issues to Charnwood Borough Council if you are concerned about an aggressive dog or an irresponsible owner.

Meet your local police team; 
Co-op, Wanlip Lane. Thursday 14th Sept (2.30pm -3.30pm).
Sibson Road Beat Office. Saturday 16th Sept and Saturday 21st October (both 10am – 12pm).
Kingsgate Ave shops. Friday 22nd Sept (2pm – 3pm).
Tesco, Sibson Road. Tuesday 26th Sept (2.30pm – 3.30pm).
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