Beat News September 2017


Crime Summary September 2017

(August figures in brackets)

    Assault 5 (6)
    Burglary of dwelling 3 (3)
    Burglary (other than dwelling) 9 (3)
    Damage 2 (5)
    Damage to motor vehicle 1 (7)
    Drug offences 0 (1)
    Fraud 2 (0)
    Public Order offences 5 (1)
    Robbery 0 (1)
    Sexual offences 1 (1)
    Theft 7 (9)
    Theft of cycle 0 (0)
    Theft from motor vehicle 11 (11)
    Theft of motor vehicle 1 (0)
    Total 47 (48)

Crime update
Reported crime in September has remained at a similar level to August, with a total of forty-seven crimes being reported. Thefts from vehicles is yet again the main problem with another eleven during September (the same as in August) however we have also had a number of ‘non-dwelling’ burglaries reported (nine in total) several of which relate to shops on Sibson Road either being broken into, or attempts being made to break into them. Enquiries are ongoing in relation to these burglaries and some suspects have been identified as it is believed that they are responsible for several similar incidents across the County, however at the time of writing, no arrests have been made.
We have had another three house burglaries reported this month and a total of seven ‘other theft’ offences, the vast majority of which relate to drive-offs from the Petrol Station (of which we have had five). Damage to vehicles has also remained low this month with just one offence being reported during September, which is obviously positive.
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Crime Prevention Advice
Earlier this month I was at an event at Police HQ where we were attempting to re-unite a large number of power tools that had been recovered by the Police with their owners. Unfortunately the biggest problem we had was that the vast majority of people didn’t have any serial numbers for their tools or a way of identifying them, which made the process problematic. Please consider keeping a record of the serial numbers for any power tools that you own, or consider marking them with your postcode and house number etc. We regularly recover tools whilst conducting search warrants which we believe to be stolen, however if we cannot prove this we are unable to prosecute anyone, or return them to their rightful owners. The same also goes for any electrical devices you own, such as laptops, tablets and mobile phones (in which case you should make a note of the IMEI number).

Neighbourhood update
We are continuing to work on our Neighbourhood Priority looking at noisy vehicles around the village and I am pleased to report that the number of calls we have had about this issue has declined considerably, mainly due to the fact that several locations where they were congregating have had barriers or bollards installed and have therefore effectively been closed off. We are. however. aware that there are still issues in some areas, so if you are affected by this, please let us know by calling 101. If you are able to pass registration numbers it is helpful, however, if not please let us know all the same so that we can try to pay some attention to the area and resolve the problem.

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