Beat News October 2017

Crime Summary October 2017

(September figures in brackets)

    Assault 10 (5)
    Burglary of dwelling 10 (3)
    Burglary (other than dwelling) 6 (9)
    Damage 1 (2)
    Damage to motor vehicle 4 (1)
    Drug offences 2 (0)
    Fraud 0 (2)
    Public Order offences 1 (5)
    Robbery 0 (0)
    Sexual offences 1 (1)
    Theft 11 (7)
    Theft of cycle 2 (0)
    Theft from motor vehicle 13 (11)
    Theft of motor vehicle 1 (1)
    Total 62 (47)

Crime update
Crime in October has unfortunately risen, with a total of sixty-two offences being reported compared to forty-seven in September. This is mainly due to a rise in house burglaries which have gone up from three last month to ten this month. We are also still having issues with vehicles being broken into, with another thirteen reported during October. This is obviously concerning and as a beat team we are continuing to complete house to house and CCTV enquiries in relation to all the thefts from vehicles and burglaries to try and identify any suspects. We believe that the suspects involved in a couple of the burglaries have possibly been responsible for some others in other parts of the County and so enquiries are ongoing to try and identify who they are.
We have also seen a small rise in shop thefts and assaults, however on a more positive note we have not had a repeat of the shop break-ins that we saw in September.
Lastly, we had two bicycles stolen during October which is the first time in several months that we have had any reported. Please ensure that if you do own a cycle that whenever you leave it you secure it with a good quality lock to prevent it from being taken.
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Crime Prevention Advice
As Christmas fast approaches, remember that thieves will be on the look-out for expensive Christmas presents, so consider following these simple steps to avoid becoming a victim:
1) Don’t leave gifts wrapped up under the tree and on display. Keep them hidden away somewhere safe until it’s time to put them out.
2) If buying expensive electrical items (laptops, tablets and phones etc.) make a note of the serial numbers and / or IMEI numbers before you wrap them up so that you have a record of these should they be stolen.
3) If taking presents / shopping from the car to the house, remember to close the boot and lock the car whenever you leave it unattended. Don’t leave the boot wide open with bags on display as it only takes a few seconds to grab them and run off.

Neighbourhood update
During October we completed another warrant under the misuse of drugs act, following information about possible drug dealing taking place at an address in the village. A small quantity of cannabis was found at the address and a male has been interviewed in relation to this. We continue to receive a lot of good quality information from members of the community about alleged drug dealing and we regularly review this with a view to obtaining warrants whenever possible. This kind of activity is totally unacceptable and we take all reports very seriously, so if you are involved in such activity you can expect us to be visiting you at some time in the future!

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