Beat News November 2017


Crime Summary November 2017

(October figures in brackets)

    Assault 7 (10)
    Burglary of dwelling 5 (10)
    Burglary (other than dwelling) 1 (6)
    Damage 2 (1)
    Damage to motor vehicle 4 (4)
    Drug offences 2 (2)
    Fraud 1 (0)
    Public Order offences 0 (1)
    Robbery 0 (0)
    Sexual offences 0 (1)
    Theft 10 (11)
    Theft of cycle 0 (2)
    Theft from motor vehicle 6 (13)
    Theft of motor vehicle 2 (1)
    Total 40 (62)

Crime update
Reported crime in November has fallen compared to last month, with a total of forty crimes being reported. The number of burglaries has fallen to five (down from ten in October) and we have also seen a reduction in the number of vehicles being broken into, down from thirteen in October to just six this month, which is obviously positive. Let’s hope that this downward trend continues and that the people responsible have moved away from the Birstall area, however please remember to continue to lock your car when it is left unattended and remove any valuable items from it.
We have had ten ‘other thefts’ reported this month, however the vast majority of these are ‘drive-off’s’ from the Petrol Station (vehicles driving away without paying for fuel) of which there have been seven Damage to vehicles has remained the same as in October with a total of four offences being reported, three of which happened in one night (7th – 8th) on Colindale Avenue.
Lastly, there have been two drugs offences recorded this month. These were as a result of another drugs warrant that we completed in the village, which I will speak about later in the report.
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Crime Prevention Advice
A lot of people regularly ask us about CCTV and whether it is worth installing it at their property? CCTV can be a good deterrent however please consider the following:
1)   Cameras set high up under the eaves will only get a picture of the top of someone’s head, which is not very useful if they are wearing a hooded top.  Consider siting them lower down so that they are more likely to get a facial image.
2)   Burglars will often ring the bell or knock the door first to see if there is anyone home, so the ‘doorbell cameras’ you can buy are a really good idea. They are relatively inexpensive to buy and can be linked to your phone, allowing you to see, and get a picture of who is calling.
3)   Remember that you get what you pay for. If you pay £50 for a CCTV system the chances are the cameras will be poor quality and will give a poor, grainy image which will be of little use!
4)   You must ensure that your system does not look into other people’s property.

Neighbourhood update
This month we have completed some further speed checks on Greengate Lane. In just under two hours we had a total of 351 vehicles through the site and we had cause to stop just five drivers for excess speed, all of which were verbally warned.
As stated above, we have also completed another misuse of drugs act warrant this month following information being received about a male being involved in dealing drugs. A quantity of what we believe to be cannabis was found and a male has been arrested for drugs offences. He has been interviewed and released at this time whilst we conduct further enquiries.

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