Beat News December 2017


Crime Summary December 2017

(November figures in brackets)

Assault 11 (7)
Burglary of dwelling 3 (5)
Burglary (other than dwelling) 3 (1)
Damage 3 (2)
Damage to motor vehicle 3 (4)
Drug offences 1 (2)
Fraud 0 (1)
Public Order offences 2 (0)
Robbery 1 (0)
Sexual offences 0 (0)
Theft 10 (10)
Theft of cycle 0 (0)
Theft from motor vehicle 3 (6)
Theft of motor vehicle 2 (2)
Total 42 (40)

Crime update
Reported crime in December has remained at a similar level to November with a total of forty-two crimes being reported. The vast majority of these are assaults, of which we have had eleven, and thefts, of which we have had fifteen. The majority of the assaults have occurred over the Christmas and New Year period whilst ‘drive-off’s’ from the petrol station made up a large proportion of the theft offences (seven in total) just as they did last month. On a positive note, the number of thefts from vehicles has remained low this month with just three being reported, which is obviously good news.
We have had three house burglaries reported in December. One of these was quite nasty and resulted in the occupants being assaulted and having some jewelry and cash stolen. We believe that the people involved in this incident have also been responsible for a number of other burglaries across the County and due to the similarities, these are all being investigated alongside one another. A number of enquiries are currently ongoing to try and identify the suspects and I will update you further in relation to this in subsequent reports.
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Crime Prevention Advice
No doubt a lot of you will have received electrical items for Christmas, such as mobile phones, tablets and laptops. The latest models are highly sought after by criminals and often they are happy to use violence in order to steal them. Always remain vigilant if using your phone in a public place and remember to put it away out of sight when not in use. You should also make a record of the IMEI / serial number so that you have a record of this, and activate any ‘find my phone apps’ so that they can be tracked if it should be stolen. Items can also be registered on the immobilise website ( which makes it easy for us to identify who a stolen item belongs to should it be recovered.

Neighbourhood update
On the 4th December, the beat team along with a number of Police cadets conducted another ‘vehicle door checking’ exercise in the area of Elmfield Avenue, Oakfield Avenue, Fielding Road, Johnson Road, Copeland Road, Goscote Hall Road and Went Road. In just over an hour we found another 26 vehicles insecure, the owners of which were made aware so that they could lock their cars. We believe that this is still one of the main ways that vehicles are being broken into in the area so would urge you to make sure that your vehicle is secured at all times when left unattended.
This month also saw the awful incident in Allington Drive which sadly resulted in one resident losing their life and a number of others being left unable to return to their homes. On behalf of Leicestershire Police I would like to say a big thank you to everyone who came out to help whilst this incident was being dealt with. The support we saw from the local community was absolutely fantastic and was greatly appreciated by everyone involved.

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