Beat News January 2018


Crime Summary January 2018

(December figures in brackets)

Assault 9 (11)
Burglary of dwelling 2 (3)
Burglary (other than dwelling) 8 (3)
Damage 1 (3)
Damage to motor vehicle 2 (3)
Drug offences 0 (1)
Fraud 0 (0)
Public Order offences 5 (2)
Robbery 0 (1)
Sexual offences 0 (0)
Theft from shop 2
Theft of cycle 0 (0)
Theft from motor vehicle 9 (3)
Theft of motor vehicle 1 (2)
Theft of fuel 8
Other theft 2 (10)
Total 49 (42)

Crime update
We have unfortunately seen a slight rise in reported crime in January, with a total of forty-nine crimes being reported compared to forty-two in December. There has unfortunately been a rise in the number of thefts from vehicles with nine offences this month, up from just three in December and the number of non-dwelling burglaries (shops, garages and sheds) has also risen, with a total of eight being reported. As a result of this increase, we have made tackling these burglaries our New Neighbourhood Priority as we are obviously concerned about the number of shops and outbuildings that have been broken into in recent months. Many residents and shop owners have also been in touch to raise concerns about the negative effects these break-ins are having on the local community, hence the reason for adopting it as a new beat priority.
On a more positive note, the number of actual house burglaries has remained low this month, with just two offences being reported, and in relation to the nasty burglary I mentioned last month, I am pleased to be able to report that a male has been arrested in relation to that particular break-in. He has been questioned about a number of incidents across the whole County and released at this time whilst further enquiries are carried out.
Theft of petrol continues to be an issue, with another eight offences reported this month.
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Crime Prevention Advice
As already stated, we have seen a rise in the number of sheds and garages broken into in January with a total of 6 being reported, three of which happened on the same night and in the same street. Consider taking the following steps to secure your shed or outbuilding:
1) Use a good quality padlock and secure any ‘hasps & staples’ with anti-theft screws, which cannot be undone with a normal screwdriver.
2) Mark any tools or cycles stored in your shed with your postcode (The Neighbourhood Watch postcode cycles free for members at their monthly advice shops).
3) Make it difficult for thieves to get into your garden in the first place by securing gates and fixing broken fences. Also, consider installing security lighting and CCTV to act as a deterrent.

Neighbourhood update
As stated above, we have made tackling non-dwelling burglary our new Beat priority following a rise in the number of these offences. Many of the shops on Sibson Road have unfortunately been targeted during 2017, which has resulted in some making the decision to close down, so we are keen to do what we can to avoid further break-ins from occurring & more shops from closing. We are already working closely with retailers to provide them with crime prevention advice and as a beat team we will be ensuring that all possible lines of enquiry are explored in an effort to identify the people responsible for these incidents.

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