Beat News February 2018


Crime Summary February 2018

(January figures in brackets)

Assault 4 (9)
Burglary of dwelling 3 (2)
Burglary (other than dwelling) 5 (8)
Damage 4 (1)
Damage to motor vehicle 0 (2)
Drug offences 2 (0)
Fraud 1 (0)
Public Order offences 6 (5)
Robbery 1 (0)
Sexual offences 3 (0)
Theft from store 3 (2)
Theft of cycle 1 (0)
Theft from motor vehicle 9 (9)
Theft of motor vehicle 1 (1)
Theft of fuel 3 (8)
Other theft 4 (2)
Total 50 (49)

Crime update
Reported crime for February has remained at a similar level to January, with a total of fifty crimes being reported. We have unfortunately had another nine vehicles broken into this month, several of which were vans and which resulted in tools being stolen. If you do own a van, consider fitting additional locks to the doors, parking it in a garage or reversed against a wall or another vehicle and if possible remove any expensive tools from it each night. Also, keep a record of any serial numbers on expensive tools or mark them with your name or postcode so that we stand a better chance of returning them to you should we find them.
Over the weekend of the 24th and 25th February, we also had four sheds broken into in Johnson Road & Walker Road, with cycles being stolen from two of them. Two people were seen acting suspiciously in the area in the early hours, however unfortunately this was not reported to the Police at the time. If you do see people who appear to be up to no good, please call us on 101 (or 999 if you suspect a crime is actually in progress) so that we can try to get officers to the area and locate them.
Aside from this, no other significant crime patterns have been identified.
For further crime information please visit:

Crime Prevention Advice
This month we’ve had another attempted fraud reported to us. A resident was contacted over the internet by a male claiming to have a parcel that he needed to send. He asked the victim to transfer a large amount of cash into a bank account however thankfully, when she went to the bank to do this the alarm was raised and so no money was actually transferred.
Criminals are becoming ever more brazen in their attempts to obtain money fraudulently. At the next Neighbourhood Watch meeting on the 26th April we have a cyber-crime expert attending to give a presentation, so if you can attend it will be well worth it. In the meantime, follow this basic advice to prevent yourself becoming a victim:
1) NEVER disclose your PIN numbers to anyone.
2) NEVER transfer money into a bank account unless you know the identity of the person.
3) NEVER disclose any of your passwords to anyone.
4) ALWAYS trust your instincts, NOT the caller or the e-mailer.

Neighbourhood update
The beat team have conducted a number of consultation and crime prevention events this month on Curzon Avenue, outside the Co-op and on Kingsgate Avenue where they gave out crime prevention advice along with window alarms, light timers and various other crime prevention items. Further events are planned for March, details of which are below.

Meet your local police team
Meadow Lane car park. Saturday 3rd March. 12:30pm – 2.30pm.
Sibson Road Beat Office. Saturday 17th March. 10am – 12pm.
One stop shop, Hallam Fields Road. Saturday 24th March. 4pm – 6pm.

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