Beat News March 2018

We are unable to include the Crime Figures for March

A change in policy across the County means that the Police are no longer providing the detailed figures as in the past.

Crime update
We have had a total of fifty-five crimes reported in March, which is slightly up on February, when we had fifty. Theft of fuel from the petrol station has been the main problem this month, with a total of eleven offences reported. The beat team have been up to the garage recently to discuss this ongoing issue and to look at ways of reducing the number of incidents.

We have had seven house burglaries reported this month and five non-dwelling burglaries, three of which have been shops in the village centre. We are obviously keen to reduce the number of burglaries we’ve had recently and are working with local retailers to discuss security ideas. Virtually all of the shop burglaries have occurred in the early hours so if you do travel along Sibson Road late at night (e.g. going to or returning from work) please can I ask that you keep an eye out for any suspicious people or vehicles in the area and contact us on 101 if you suspect they are up to no good. Your assistance will be greatly appreciated.

Aside from this no other crime trends have been identified. We have had five vehicles broken into (down from nine last month) five reports of assault (up from four in February) and three drugs offences (all of which relate to people being found in possession of cannabis).

Unfortunately, we are no longer able to give out crime figures for the area. However, detailed crime figures for Birstall and Wanlip can be found by visiting:

Crime Prevention Advice
We regularly get members of the public contacting us asking for advice about how to deal with on-line or ‘cyber bullying’. This is when people use the internet to send nasty or upsetting messages to others or use mobile phones to send messages via text or social media etc. The best advice in such situations is to:
1)  DON’T RESPOND AND DON’T REPLY and tell a trusted adult straight away.
2)  SAVE ALL NASTY MESSAGES AND E-MAILS IF POSSIBLE. You don’t have to read them, but save them in a folder somewhere so that you can show an adult if you need to.
3)  TELL A TRUSTED ADULT, whether that be a parent, teacher or Police officer. If you tell someone what’s happening they will be able to help and stop it.

Children and young people can also call Child Line in confidence on 0800 1111 for advice.

Neighbourhood update
The beat team have been doing a lot of work in relation to crime prevention and Anti-Social Behaviour this month. We have delivered vehicle crime leaflets around the whole of Wanlip following a couple of thefts from vehicles in the village and we have also been conducting extra patrols up at the Leicester North Services following complaints about noisy vehicles causing problems in the area. As a result, one driver has been issued with a warning under section 59 of the Police reform Act after he was caught driving in an anti-social manner, meaning that his vehicle will be seized if he gets caught again.

Meet your local police team
Kingsgate Avenue shops. Monday 9th April from 12pm – 1.00pm.
Co-op, Wanlip Lane. Friday 20th April from 3pm – 5.00pm.
Sibson Road Beat Office. Saturday 21st April & Saturday 19th May
(both 10am – 12pm).

PC 1759 Dave Jaeckels