Beat News April 2018

Crime Update
There has been a total of fifty-nine crimes reported in April, which is slightly up on the figure for March, when we had fifty-five. Unfortunately, thefts from vehicles appears to have been the main problem again with a total of eighteen reports, eight of which occurred between the 27th and the 30th at a number of different locations across the beat. In the vast majority of cases there was yet again no damage and no sign of a forced entry, suggesting that the vehicles had either been left insecure or some kind of device had been used to gain entry? Please make sure you are locking your vehicle and removing all valuables so that even if they are able to get into them, there is nothing inside worth stealing.
We have had three house burglaries this month and five ‘non-dwelling’ burglaries reported, which have mainly been sheds and outbuildings, with pedal cycles and gardening equipment being taken. If you own a bicycle, please consider making a note of the frame number so that if it is recovered we will be able to return it to you, as this is the only way that we can be 100% sure that the bike belongs to you. Similarly, consider marking lawnmowers and expensive gardening tools with your postcode and house number so that they can be more easily identified.
Aside from this there have been no other major crime trends. We have had a total of five reports of criminal damage, three public order offences and a total of twelve theft reports, three of which have been thefts of fuel from the petrol station.
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Crime Prevention Advice
As stated above, we have had a few incidents this month where garden sheds and outbuildings have been targeted in order to steal pedal cycles and garden tools etc. By taking these simple steps you can hopefully avoid your shed being broken into:
1) Fit an alarm and a good quality padlock to your shed and make sure you lock it!
2) Fit anti-theft screws to the door hinges so that these cannot be unscrewed, which in turn allows the whole door to be removed!
3) Fit secure mesh grilles behind the windows so that entry can’t be gained through these.
4) Make it difficult for thieves to get into your garden in the first place by locking your back gate.

Neighbourhood Update
This month the beat team has delivered burglary alert leaflets around the whole of Wanlip village following a spate of incidents, including an attempted burglary and a few incidents where sheds and outbuildings have been targeted.
In conjunction with the Birstall and Wanlip Neighbourhood Watch, we also arranged for our cyber-crime expert to give a presentation at their Annual General Meeting. This was very well attended with over thirty local residents present, all of whom gave positive feedback as to how useful and informative the talk was.

Meet your local police team
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