Beat News June 2018

Crime update
There has been a total of forty-one crimes reported this month, which is about the same as in May when we had forty-two. Fuel thefts from the petrol station continue to be our biggest problem with another nine offences reported this month. Again, the majority of vehicles committing these offences are using stolen registration plates making the people responsible difficult to identify and prosecute.
We have had nine ‘other thefts’ reported (which have mainly been shop thefts) four house burglaries and five Public Order offences.
The number of thefts from vehicles has remained low again, with only two reports being received this month. This is obviously positive and we hope that this downward trend continues.
Aside from this there are no other significant crime trends to report.
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Crime Prevention Advice
As we move into the holiday season I’m sure many of you will be going away for a week or two. Please remember that during this time of year we often see a rise in the number of house and shed break-ins as thieves will often look out for the signs that a house is empty.
Simple things really can make a difference, so follow these ideas to prevent your property being targeted:

  • Ensure all doors and windows are locked and don’t leave keys hanging in doors.
  • Fit light timers to lamps so that these come on at night and make the house look occupied.
  • If you have an alarm, remember to set it when you leave.
  • Remember to cancel milk and/or papers so these don’t build up and consider leaving a key with a neighbour or relative so they can clear the post every couple of days.
  • If possible, consider asking a friend or relative to take you to the airport rather than taking a taxi as it has been known for information to be passed on regarding who has gone away etc.

Neighbourhood update
The Birstall Gala took place this month and it was good to see so many people out enjoying themselves. The nice weather made a big difference and aside from a few minor incidents the event passed off without any major problems being reported.
The beat team have also been conducting patrols around the Hallam Fields Industrial Estate and the Services in relation to previous complaints about noisy vehicles at the location. I’m pleased to report that the number of calls we have had about this issue have declined considerably in recent months however we will continue to patrol the area to act as a deterrent and hopefully prevent the vehicles from returning.

Meet your local police team
Kingsgate Shops, Kingsgate Avenue. Friday 6th July from 11am to 12 midday.
Tesco, Sibson Road. Monday 9th July from 5pm to 6pm.
One stop shop, Hallam Fields Road. Tuesday 10th July from 6pm to 7pm.
Sibson Road Beat Office. Saturday 18th August (10am – 12pm).

PC 1759 Dave Jaeckels