Beat News August 2018

Crime update
We have had a total of forty-eight crimes reported in August, which is slightly up on July’s figure of thirty-seven.

There have been fifteen reports of assault, the vast majority of which have been domestic-related and another ten thefts of fuel from the petrol station, which is up from just four last month.

We have only had one house burglary reported and one non-dwelling burglary and the number of thefts from vehicles has also remained relatively low, with just four reports being received. Lastly, there has been one cycle theft and three reports of vehicles being damaged.

Aside from this, there have not really been any other crime trends to report.

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Crime Prevention Advice
Satellite navigation systems (sat-navs) continue to be sought after by criminals and this month we have had another report of one being stolen, with damage being caused to the window of the car in order to do so. Please ensure that if you do own a sat-nav you remove it from display whenever you leave your vehicle unattended and either hide it away in the glove box or preferably, take it with you. Please also remove any cables or cradles for the device as these are tell-tale signs that you own one, and consider keeping a small cloth in your car to wipe away any marks left on the window by the cradle, as again this is an easy way for criminals to see whether you have a sat-nav or not. Lastly, make a note of any serial numbers for the device so that if it is stolen and later recovered, we have a better chance of returning it to you.

Neighbourhood update
The beat team have been out again this month completing speed checks on Birstall Road, following complaints about speeding in the area. In a little under an hour we recorded just over sixty vehicles through the site and I am pleased to report that the vast majority of drivers were sticking to the speed limit. One driver was stopped and verbally warned and another was reported for travelling at 45mph. We have plans to complete further checks in the area in the coming months so please ensure that you are sticking to the speed limits at all times to avoid being caught yourselves!

Meet your local police team
Members of the beat team will be at the following locations during September:
Tesco, Sibson Road. Friday 7th September, 2pm – 3pm.
Co-op, Wanlip Lane. Saturday 8th September, 10am – 12 midday.
One-Stop shop, Hallam Fields Rd. Saturday 8th September, 1pm – 3pm.
Sibson Road Beat Office. Saturday 15th September, 10am ―12 midday.
Kings Gate shops, Kingsgate Avenue. Monday 17th September from 11am – 12 midday.

PC 1759 Dave Jaeckels