Beat News September 2018

Crime update
We have had a total of fifty-three crimes reported in September, which is slightly up on August when we had forty-eight. Fuel thefts from the Petrol Station make up the largest category again with a total of twelve reports, however the number of thefts from vehicles is also on the rise again, with eleven reports being received. As in previous months, many of these appear to have been entered without any damage being caused, suggesting they have either been left insecure or some kind of device has been used to get into them. The best advice is therefore to remove any items of value so that even if they are able to get in, they leave empty-handed.
There have been three house burglaries reported this month and five reports of criminal damage.
Lastly, we have had ten reports of assault, however the majority of these have been domestic related as opposed to happening in public places. For further crime information please visit:

Crime Prevention Advice
Although it still seems a little way off, Christmas will soon be upon us again and many of us will already be buying Christmas presents. Remember though that burglars are aware of this and they will start looking into houses to see if there are expensive gifts lying about to steal. As such, follow these simple steps to avoid becoming a victim your-self:

  1. Don’t leave expensive gifts lying about in view or in vehicles. Put them away in a cupboard or anywhere out of sight.
  2. Make a note of any serial numbers/IMEI numbers on electrical items so that these can be given to the Police in the event of them being stolen.
  3. Remember to lock your doors and close your windows when your house is unoccupied and fit light timers so that it looks as if someone is home.
  4. Be wary of unfamiliar people in your neighbourhood and if you are concerned that someone is paying attention to houses or cars in the area, call the Police on 101 or 999 if it is an emergency.

Neighbourhood update
We had a very positive result this month with some arrests following a burglary on Cliffwood Avenue. Neighbours called in reporting a property being attacked and details of a vehicle being used were obtained. This vehicle was seen a short time later and following a short pursuit two males were arrested. A vehicle that had been stolen was also recovered, so all in all this was a very good result. Our thanks go out to all the neighbours who called in to report the incident and to all the officers who were involved, as it was as a result of their quick response that we were able to locate and arrest the suspects, and find the stolen car.
The beat team have also been out this month delivering crime prevention leaflets, especially with regards to vehicle crime as we appear to be seeing a rise in the number of these offences.

PC 1759 Dave Jaeckels