Combat Doorstep Crime

Fortunately distraction burglaries and rogue trading at your doorstep are rare in Birstall and Wanlip - but when they do happen they can be extremely upsetting.

Most people who call at your home are genuine although some may turn up unannounced and try and trick their way into your home.

Birstall and Wanlip Neighbourhood Watch, Leicestershire Trading Standards Service and Leicestershire Police are working together on a project to reduce distraction burglaries and rogue trading in our villages.

To combat doorstep crime, the Neighbourhood Watch can help you to start a "No Cold Calling" Zone.

This will involve putting signs on lampposts as you enter the area telling people they are entering an area where residents do not buy goods and services from uninvited sales people.

We will also supply stickers for your door or window.

We will provide you with a free pack with various items to give you advice on what to do if someone still knocks on your door.

This is not intended to stop your regular rounds people or catalogue companies.

We are also encouraging residents to arrange a password with their utility providers so you can tell if utility callers are genuine.

Residents taking a stand together in this manner will reduce the chances of falling victim of this type of crime, especially the more vulnerable within our communities.