Home and Personal Security and Safety Products

At our regular Advice Shops, we also sell a number of home security and safety products to members on a not-for-profit basis. We can also refer you to a number of services.

Some products are supplied free to everyone, others are free only to members and the rest we sell on a not-for-profit basis.

That means we sell them at the same price we buy them for - the idea is not to make money, but use our ability to buy in bulk to make it cheaper for you to secure your property and protect yourself.

Postcode engraving for bicycles, lawnmowers, etc
FREE for everyone

We offer property marking with invisible UV pens or an engraver - for bicycles, power tools, lawnmowers and similar items. Postcoding your property discourages burglars and increases the chances of your property being returned if it is stolen. It can also provide vital evidence for the Police to be able to charge a suspected thief.

The Watch Treasurer engraves a bicycle at a Saturday morning Advice Shop

Bogus Caller Cards
FREE for everyone

Tell unknown callers what to do without opening your door.

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Vehicle Theft Cards
FREE for everyone

73% of all vehicle crime involves items left on show inside the vehicle. Keep this laminated card handy in your car to not only remind you of the 5 simple steps to protecting your property, but also send a passing thief a clear message that you take vehicle security seriously. There's plenty of easier targets for the thief and your car stays safe!

Click for a larger Vehicle Theft Card

“Warning to callers” stickers
FREE for members

Cut this sticker in half. Stick the yellow half on the outside of your front door to tell callers that you do not buy or sell from your doorstep and that they need to show ID. Stick the white half on the inside of your front door to remind yourself to stop and think every time you open the door.


Useful Telephone Numbers Fridge Magnet
FREE for members

A slim magnet with a list of useful telephone numbers including Trading Standards, and numbers to check the identities of water and gas officials and meter readers


UV postcode marker pens
FREE for members

Marking your property with your postcode deters burglars and can help the Police return stolen property and secure convictions.

Marking your property with your postcode deters burglars and can help the Police return stolen property and secure convictions

Portable UV lamp
£5.50 for members

This compact unit can be used to detect ultraviolet (UV) marks on property or identify counterfeit currency. It also incorporates a separate spotlight. Includes batteries. Size 180mm x 50mm x 20mm.

Marking your property with your postcode deters burglars and can help the Police return stolen property and secure convictions

Personal security alarm
£4 for members

Combines a 138dB siren at source, panic/test button and tough ABS construction. The MINDER comes complete with window/door mounting bracket, 9v heavy duty battery fitted and a 5 year manufacturer's warranty.

Mini personal security alarm
£2.50 for members

A new personal alarm that is smaller and more stylish than anything we’ve seen before!

  • 40mm x 60mm x 12mm
  • Pull pin Activation
  • 140 decibel siren
  • Added torch facility
  • Alkaline batteries included

Movement detector alarms
£15 for members

Ideal for caravans, garages and when you’re traveling. The alarm is activated by a 4 digit code and runs on batteries, so can be put in any vulnerable place. When triggered, the siren is a deafening 130dB loud. While not intended to replace a full house alarm, these alarms require no wiring and are easy to use and install. A mains adaptor is available separately and the alarm has a socket for an extension siren.

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Shed & garage alarms
£8 for members

Ideal for garden sheds, garages, caravans and personal property. An advanced movement detector designed to protect personal belongings and detect entry or exit through doors/windows. Supplied with door/window mounting bracket, strap and batteries. Will emit a 130dB alarm if activated. Comes with a 12 month manufacturer's warranty.

Fence & Wall Spikes
75p per 500mm strip for members

These strips of triple row pointed plastic cones are and effective low cost deterrent against unwelcome intruders. Fitted to the tops of fences, pipes, walls and sills, these spikes are designed to deliver maximum discomfort but minimum harm. A double-hinged design allows for curved surfaces. They are manufactured from weatherproof, durable, reusable and recyclable plastic. Supplied with fitting instructions, a warning sign and guidelines on your responsibilities as a householder using them.

Night sensor light bulbs
£5 for members

These low-energy light bulbs have a built in sensor to activate at dusk and turn off at dawn.

Free for retired people

We can refer you to the Help the Aged HandyVan service, where trained HandyVan fitters visit your home and install equipment such as door chains and viewers, window locks and smoke detectors.

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PRIDE Alarms
Free for vulnerable people

The PRIDE alarm is a device which consists of an alarm box and strobe light which is fitted to the exterior of the house. This is wired to a small simple control panel inside the house. The householder then carries with them a small radio key fob which is used to activate the alarm system whenever there is a perceived threat or problem and assistance is required immediately.

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