How can I set up a Neighbourhood Watch scheme in my area?

Setting up a scheme is very simple. It is up to you how you run your scheme, but there is always help available from the Village Watch committee and the Police.

So how do I get started?

What does it mean to be a Watch co-ordinator?

Being a Neighbourhood Watch co-ordinator is a simple and rewarding task. The main things you will be asked to do are:

What does it mean to be a Watch member?

The minimum that we ask is that you be aware of whatís going on around you, read the monthly newsletter and donate £1 a year.

Of course, any more that you do will only help to improve the safety and security of your property and community.

Like what? Well ...

... Keeping in touch with your neighbours, passing on information to the Watch and Police, visiting our Advice Shops, attending the twice-yearly meetings and AGM ...

Ö itís up to you how much or how little you do!