What We Do


We publish a Newsletter, Village Watch News, that is delivered to some four thousand letterboxes every month by our Coordinators.

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Advice Shop

We operate an Advice Shop once a month where we sell security devices at cost price and offer advice and some items free to members.

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We offer a number if simple security devices designed to help keep us safe from crime. Some are FREE to Members while others are for sale at cost price.

We also have supplies of door and window stickers to deter thieves and cold callers.

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Phone and Advice Line

We operate a phone line (0756 2422 756) for members to contact us with information and requests for advice on crime-related matters.

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Facebook Group

We have a closed Facebook Group on which there are regular posts and alerts.

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Street Signs

We erect and maintain Neighbourhood Watch signs on lamp posts in streets that have an active Scheme in place.

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Open Meetings

In addition to the Annual General Meeting the Watch organisies Open Meetings with a guest speaker once or twice a year.

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Speed Watch

On two occasions, we have organised Community Speed Watch monitoring on behalf of the Parish Council.

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Information and Advice

We have pages on this website containing useful information like telephone numbers and links to other trusted websites.

We also have pages that give general advice on staying safe from crime and related issues. We add new pages as issues arise, often as the result of questions asked by Members.

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Our Police Team

We have a good relationship and close links with our local Police Beat Team based in Birstall. They attend our Committee Meetings and hold regular Beat Surgeries in conjunction with our Advice Shop.

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