Our Beat Team


Birstall and Wanlip villages are served by the Birstall Dedicated  Neighbourhood Team (or Beat Team as it is often called). They work out of the Police Office in the Robert Dickinson Building, 10 Sibson Road, Birstall, but this not a public office and is often not staffed.

PS Alice
Stu Venables T1
PCSO Ellie

How to contact them

Always dial 999 if somebody is in danger or a crime is in progress.

Dial 101 to report a crime discovered after the perpetrator is gone.

You can leave a voicemail message for one of the Team (or any other Officer) by dialling 101 and following the instructions on how to leave a message. When prompted, key in their identification number given above.

They hold Beat Surgeries at various locations in our villages.

Stop to speak to them when you see them patrolling, they are all very approachable.

You can dial 0116 267 7355 to check whether anybody is available at the Police Office but, please remember, this is only answered  when there is somebody there to do so.