Contact the Police and Report Crime

In Emergency Dial 999

Use this number to contact any of the Emergency Services - Police, Ambulance, Fire and Coastguard.

If somebody is in danger, a crime is in progress or has just occurred and the perpetrator is still in the area, use this number to ask for urgent Police attendance.

Tip: In most countries in the world you can also dial 112 to contact the local emergency services.

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If You are Afraid to Speak on 999

Occasions arise when a person in physical danger is able to dial 999 but dare not speak for fear of being overheard by their assailant. The emergency operators regularly find themselves answering ‘silent calls’ and have to decide whether a call is simply a mistake, a hoax or a genuine call for help.

The Police have developed a special procedure to be followed in these situations.

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Routine Contact Dial 101

Use this number to contact the Police about matters that are not urgent, including crimes that are discovered after the perpetrator has left the area.

You can leave a message for any Officer if you have their identification (collar) number.

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Report a Crime

If somebody is in danger or you witness a crime as it is happening or think the perpetrator is still in the area then:

Dial 999 immediately

In all other cases you should:

Dial 101

You can also report crime online by visiting the Police website:

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Report Fraud

Action Fraud is the UK’s national reporting centre for fraud and cyber-crime.

If you have been scammed, defrauded or experienced cyber-crime in England, Wales or Northern Ireland, report it through their website:

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Suspicious Emails

If you receive a suspicious phishing or scam email you should report it to the dedicated service run jointly by the National Cyber Security Centre and the City of London Police.

Before deleting the message, forward a copy to:

As well as helping to identify and take down malicious sites, this will also help to identify new and changing patterns in online offending.

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Our Beat Team

The Birstall and Wanlip Beat Team is based in The Robert Dickinson Building on Sibson Road but this is not a public office and often not staffed.

One of them is usually at the Beat Surgery held with our monthly Advice Shop.

They also hold regular Beat Surgeries at other locations in Birstall and Wanlip. These are advertised in our Newsletter.

Stop to speak to them when you see them patrolling, they are all very approachable.

You can dial 0116 267 7355 to check whether anybody is available at the Birstall Office but this is only answered when there is somebody there to do so.

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Through Us

The Watch is always willing to pass on messages and information to our local Beat Team but please do not use this method for confidential matters or to report crime.

Email messages sent to:

voice messages left on:  0756 2422 756

or letters left in our postbox in the Parish Council Office (please mak the envelope Police Confidential )

will be forwarded as quickly as possible but there might be a short delay.

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This is an indepent charity that collects information that is passed on to the Police.

Your anonymity is 100% guaranteed. They are not interested in who you are only in what you know, so the more detail you are able to give the better.

They can pay cash rewards of up to £1000 if the information you give leads to an arrest or is of significant use.

Phone them on: 0800 555 111

or visit their website:

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