Our Advice Shop Stock


Here is a representative selection of items available from our Advice Shop

Prices and availabilty are correct as at September 2019 but may change from time-to-time.


These items are FREE to Members

Various Window Stickers

Numberplate Security Screws

Bank Card Protector

UV Marker Pens

Cycle and Equipment Post Code Marking

Purse Warning Bells


We have a range of security products for sale at cost price

Padlock with Siren Alarm

£10 each

Timer Security Switch

£3 each

Fence Spike Strip

£1 each

Personal Alarm

£3.50 each


Immobilise Registration Kit

£1 each

Cycle 'D' Lock with Siren Alarm

£8 each

Money and Valuables Belt

£2.50 each

Secret Food Can Safe

£2 each

TV Simulator

£20 each

Cable Lock

£5.50 each

Car Key Blocker Wallet

£3.50 each

Vibration Window Alarm

£4 each