Our 2022 Online Survey

The Online Survey was conducted during April and May 2022 following the Covid-19 lockdown that had severly curtailed our activities. The main aim was to discover which activities Members thought most useful or important to resume first. It was advertised in the Newsletter, on our Facebook Group and through our email links.

Fifty responses were received. Forty-nine were from Birstall residents and one from a Wanlip resident.

Figure 1

Fig. 1  Forty-five (90%) of respondents rated the Watch as Useful or Very Useful and five (10%) as Not Very Useful.

Figure 2

Fig. 2  Respondents were asked to identify four areas on which the Watch should concentrate its efforts. The Newsletter achieved the highest score but was closely followed the Beat Surgery at the Advice Shop and the Advice Shop.

Figure 3

Figure 3: The Beat Surgery at the Advice Shop, however, is an extension of the Advice Shop and some respondents selected one or the other while others selected both. Thirty-eight (76%) respondents selected the Advice Shop in one form or another.

Figure 4

Fig. 4:  Twenty-nine (58%) respondents selected our Newsletter Village Watch News. At the beginning of the lockdown we had no choice but suspend the physical two-sided paper version distribution and subsequently published a single page in the Birstall Post each month as well as making it available online.

Forty-two (84%) respondents preferred to continue with the current arrangement, while eight (16%) preferred a return to the paper distribution. Of that second group, only two were able to offer help with administering the distribution.