Covid-19 Crisis

Birstall and Wanlip Neighbourhood Watch has almost two-hundred Coordinators and other Volunteers involved in its activities. A significant number of them are retired and fall into the ‘vulnerable’ category who are advised to stay safely at home as much as possible.

The Watch would like to play an active role in supporting the Community during this crisis but does not want anybody to feel obliged to take any unnecessary risks. We know that some of our Coordinators have taken initiatives of their own and we want to thank and applaud them.

We shall keep as active as we can from behind our front doors, since the criminals will continue their activities and even take advantage of the crisis and people’s genuine concerns.

Take Care and keep Safe and Healthy.


Criminals are taking advantage of the crisis by cold calling and emailing with stories about Covid-19 designed to play on our natural anxiety about the virus.

They range from offers of miracle cures, home delivery of items in short-supply, government grants paid directly into bank accounts to fake fine notices for making unnecessry journeys. They are all designed to panic us into giving our bank details or paying out money.

Take care and please warn any elderly or vulnerable people of the risk.

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The Watch has cancelled all face-to-face activites with immediate effect.

There will be no Advice Shops open and no formal Committee Meetings until further notice.

The Annual General Meeting that was scheduled for 30th April has been postponed.

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Our Newsletter, Village Watch News, is normally delivered to over four thousand letterboxes each month by our volunteer Coordinators. It would be extremely irresponsible for us to continue at this time and the paper edition will not be produced. It will still be availabe to read on this website.

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Donation Envelopes

A large number of donation envelopes have already been returned and processed this year. We are not in a position to process any more at the moment and would ask Members and Coordinators to hold on to them for the time being.

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Membership Cards

By mid-March almost fifteen-hundred Membership Cards had been issued to Coordinators for their Members. Envelopes received subsequently have not been processed but we shall review the situation as events unfold.

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News Posts

We regularly post News, Warnings and indivdual Crime Reports on this website. You can sign-up for alerts when new posts are added by following this link:

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Facebook Group

There are over fifteen-hundred members in our Facebook Group and this is an important source of news for Watch members.

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